B2A 2019 Video Gallery

If you missed our 2019 conference, be sure to view our keynote presentations, which have been recorded below.


Keynote speaker: Sumun khetpal

Sumun Khetpal is a third-year medical student at Yale University and a co-founder of Ride Health, a healthcare technology company that aims to alleviate the transportation barrier to care. Her presentation titled Lessons Learned as a Young Entrepreneur inspires those who want to create innovative solutions to healthcare issues.


keynote speaker: dr. finnell

Karla Finnell, J.D., M.P.H., Ph.D earned her degrees from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma Hudson College of Public Health. Her research interests include health disparities, the social determinants of health, and social marketing. Watch her presentation titled Insights on Social Determinants of Health below.



The 2019 panel included medical professionals from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. This year’s panelists include Buffy Heater, Val Schott, MPH, Keith Smith, MD, and Dale Bratlzer, DO, MPH. Click the link below to see their varying points of view on pertinent healthcare issues. Discussion mediated by MPH candidate Azka Khawaja.